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2 thoughts on “contact Carlee

  1. Hi Carlee. A friend of mine from my ACU days (30 yrs ago) shared a link to your blog on FB last night that was so stirring and insightful that I started working back through other blogs you’ve written and by the time I’d read just three, I knew I wanted to hear more from you as you continue writing about the things you learn on your faith journey. I am a lady of faith who lives in Canada. My life has been messy, sometimes because of my own sin, but mostly because God gave me an optimistic attitude that leads me into messy places and situations. I choose to work with people and stand by people who are working their way through messes and I praise God that when my own life gets messy, there are other people of faith willing to stand by me and help me work through my messes. You have a beautiful way with words and I believe that to be a gift from God. Your insight and wisdom at such a young age tell me that you have also been gifted with something akin to the wisdom of Solomon. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and watching you grow in the Lord. Keep the faith, dear girl! You’re here for a reason and your words make a difference in people’s lives… even a stranger from Canada!!! Now I have some beautiful images that I got from your blog to share with my messy peeps when the time is right, knowing that the inspiration came from a young girl who’s heart is open to the the wise counsel she gets from other people of faith, who’s hearts are open to the living, breathing Word of life. All the praise goes to Him as we reflect his light and pass it on. Isn’t it cool to think that His redeeming message has come down to us through the centuries and spread around the world by people just like you and me? God allows us to participate in his glory by trusting us to take up the torch of faith, live it, breathe it and share it. You are doing this. Keep on, keeping on, my dear.


    1. Wow! Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to encourage me like that and also poke around a bit on my blog. What a compliment! Side note: I think it’s awesome that you live in Canada. The only woman I know of there is just as awesome as you are. Her name is Sarah Bessey and if you don’t follow her blog then you really must! Anyway, thank you for this amazing comment. Keep sistering on, my friend! You’re incredible.



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