The Eyelash Story

Today is my mama’s birthday. In celebration of that, I want to share a little story with you…IMG_0287
The other day I was gazing into the mirror, retrieving a stray eyelash from my eyeball, when I was reminded of something I hadn’t thought of in a good while. The eyelash popped out of my eye quite easily without any coaxing. Actually, they always do. Now, this is going to sound crazy, but, God and I made an eyelash deal awhile back. It happened when I was 9 years old, and it’s still standing.
Since I was just a little-bitty girl, my long lashes have given me grief. I used to get one or more stuck in my eyes regularly and my mom would have to fish them out while I squirmed and cried. It probably feels like it happened more often than it truly did because of how traumatizing it was for me. The only thing worse than getting something stuck in your eye is someone else having to get it out for you as you fight your reflex to blink and jerk away. Looking back, I’m sure this was tons of fun for my dear mother, too. But, she was the best. I could not, for the life of me, get my eyelashes out of my eyes on my own. I would try and try, and make them red and irritated, but it just wouldn’t happen. Luckily, my mom’s skilled hands were always nearby to pluck them out and hug me tightly for the first decade of my life.
My mom passed away from cancer just a few months before my 10th birthday. And soon after she died, perhaps even that very week, I remember telling God that He would have to help me with my eyelashes because my mom couldn’t get them out for me anymore. I was surrounded by people of great faith growing up, my mom being the biggest example, and so I had no problem placing this in God’s hands. I figured He could probably handle it. He told me He would.
Sure enough, a couple days later, I got an eyelash stuck in my eye. I remembered the conversation I had held with God a few days prior, and can recall thinking “Okay God, here we go!” And, without any trouble at all, the eyelash came right out on my finger! This was a huge accomplishment to my 9 year old self. Eyelashes, splinters, and bee stingers were the actual banes of my existence. (Umm, does that have psychological roots? I’ll save it for another post.) Anyhow, ever since then, I’ve never had a problem getting an eyelash out of my eye. Not once.
I don’t get eyelashes stuck in my eyes quite as often now, but I’ve been reminded of this analogy to God’s faithfulness at a handful of important times in my life. Before I started high school, my friend Jordan prayed over me and heard God say a word to her, which she relayed to me. The word was “eyelash.” I hadn’t thought about the deal God and I had struck up when I was 9 in several years. And so the significance of Jordan’s word didn’t occur to me. We laughed about the randomness of the word, but decided it had to do with protection in the way that our eyelashes protect our eyes. 
It wasn’t until over a year later when I was removing an eyelash with ease that I was reminded of my faith as a 9 year old and of the word my friend Jordan had spoken over me. I immediately sent her a crazy message with lots of exclamation points, trying to explain this whole concept to her. I was floored. God hadn’t forgotten the deal we made. It still mattered to Him, and it was important to Him that I knew I would be provided for in one of the biggest transitions I had to make. He cared. He cared so much He gave me the word “eyelash” the week before I began high school. Man, He’s good.
I view the whole eyelash story as a metaphor to God’s provision in my life, and the fact that He is never far from reach. I believe in a God who looks upon a little girl terrified of getting an eyelash out of her eye and says “Yes. This is important to Me.” It’s given me the bravery and hope I’ve repeatedly needed to trust that He cares about each aspect of my life, even the things 6 millimeters small— like eyelashes.

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