Thoughts on Peace

So after the bit of hype that my last blog post got (because of this via Rachel Held Evans)…thus contributing to the fact that I now have a few more readers… I have been a tad overwhelmed and unsure about blogging.
Isn’t that funny?
Readers. Followers.
They’re what you want, right? It’s partly the “goal” of blogging in the most materialistic sense. But it’s had the complete opposite effect on me.
It’s kind of stopped me from blogging for a little while… But that has definitely not been the only reason.
I am up to my eyeballs in school work, and college admission stuff, and good ol’ friend time, and some Carlee-time too. Plus there’s the fact that I’ve never been one of those awesome bloggers that blogs every day, or week.
With each new reader that rolled in a few weeks ago, I woefully kissed them goodbye just as quickly because I figured they were expecting a daily dose of brilliance… And that is totally not what they’re gonna get.
So, if you’re new to this here little blog of mine, WELCOME! And stay if you like what you see, because I already really really like you. Just know that I’m more of a monthly blogger than a daily blogger. But, things change… So you just never know. Guess you’ll have to stick around and see 😉

And while we’re discussing blogging, I’ve always wanted this blog to be more of a conversation piece. Informal. Fun. Challenging. And most of all, a place of love. I have been overjoyed to see it morph into that more and more in the past year. I mean, if I just wanted to know what I thought, I’d write all these words down in a journal or something. But I want to know your thoughts too!
So tell me, what’s on your mind?

Here’s what’s on mine:


The other day I was having a really bad start to my week. I could hardly see above my stacks of homework, and to-do lists, and items on my calendar, and things in my heart. Actually, I couldn’t see above them at all. Granted, I am a short person, so perhaps that is why. But I just couldn’t see. So I freaked out a little bit.
I had completely lost sight of The Next Right Thing. Just do the next right thing. I know. I tell myself all the time. I just couldn’t remember what that Thing was.
But… I think I did ok, because my Next Thing was texting one of my dear friends/2nd mothers who’s couch I ended up on just one hour later. Rather than giving all the sweet details about that, I just want to say that it was Holy Ground. And I took my shoes off… Because duh.

On my way out the door to her house, I flipped open a book (Carry On, Warrior) on my dresser that another dear friend of mine had just given back from borrowing, so I hadn’t put it on the shelf yet. Because shelving books requires too much effort, I tell you.
Anyway, it was definitely SUPPOSED to be RIGHT THERE on my dresser for me to happen to flip open to a random page on my way out. And guess what page I turned to. Guess what it said!!! Exactly what I needed to hear?
And it was even God that said the words! Here’s an excerpt from that particular page of a time when Glennon prayed for peace and stillness, and heard God say this:

“Well, G, here’s the thing. Peace isn’t the absence of distraction or annoyance or pain. It’s finding Me, finding peace and calm, in the midst of those distractions and annoyances and pains.”

It was like a hallelujah chorus erupted in my bedroom. I thought this was SO COOL. It gave me a little glimpse of just how much God loves me.
I mean, this kind of thing sometimes happens to me. But not on the norm. Not all the time. I’ve sat and listened to people tell me their favorite Bible verse is one they randomly flipped to during a hard time in their life. And…
Obviously God can (and does) move in this way. He can do whatever He wants, for crying out loud!
But can I just tell you what verse my finger randomly landed on a few years ago after hearing these people tell me that’s the way God speaks?…Through random flipping of the Bible…
Psalm 137:9

And if you don’t know that one off the top of your head, it goes to the tune of something like this: “Happy are those who seize your children and smash them against a rock.”

I don’t even know, man.

…But back to my cool story…

(I’m going to re-quote God, since now you have a really strange and morbid image in your head.)

“Peace isn’t the absence of distraction or annoyance or pain. It’s finding Me, finding peace and calm, in the midst of those distractions and annoyances and pains.”

I was feeling (am feeling) distractions and annoyances and pains. Yes, yes I am. And I was letting them STEAL MY PEACE!
I thought I had to take care of them before I could feel peace. I thought that was the logical way to do things.
I made myself a list (because that’s what I do) of all the things I needed to accomplish that week, and THEN, I could be still and find peace… Or so I believed.

This quote stopped me in my tracks. And, after thinking about it, made me a little angry. What?? You mean I can’t live my life to get to a finish line? A happily ever after? There’s always going to be a distraction or annoyance or pain in my life?
And then it all made a bit more sense.

Yes, of course there is always going to be a distraction or annoyance or pain in my life on this Earth. This place is not my Home.
It’s kind of distracting and shiny, and annoying and loud, and painful and brutal.
But, I can still have peace.
Every day. In every moment. Peace is a choice that is independent of my circumstances.

Peace is not even that far out of reach most of the time, if I just stop and look around. It’s hard sometimes, but isn’t that how anything is that’s truly worth doing or having? Not to mention, We Can Do Hard Things! Remember?

We can have peace.

When I need some peace, I take big deep breaths. I once read an article published by Harvard University that explained deep breathing releases healing mechanisms in your body to work…to heal you. Peace heals.

Sometimes it’s just that I’ve forgotten to breathe, and just haven’t really done so in a while. I think my friend, Lisa, must somehow know this because so many texts from her include the words “Deep breaths, girl. You can do it!” or something like that.
That’s another thing I do when I need peace, I text or call friends that love me, and always want me to have peace. Because hard things are best done together.

Let’s be a people that have peace inside our hearts, all the time. Peace takes care of a multitude of bad things. When you’re at peace with yourself, it’s so much easier to be at peace with others.
It’s almost impossible to be at peace with others if you aren’t at peace with yourself.
Peace is a shield and a weapon that the devil cannot destroy. That little guy has no peace. Don’t let him talk you out of yours for a second, my friends!

Peace is power over the enemy.

And that’s pretty much all I’ve got… Because I’m still figuring this peace stuff out too.
Just remember, your circumstances have no right to steal your peace. Deep breaths. You can do it!



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Peace

  1. Yes, yes…IN THE MIDST OF…DEEP BREATHE…two phrases to put your hand back where it belongs…in that of the Savior. The most incredible thing of all is that our loving, awesome God takes delight in us doing this very thing!!! Over and over again He speaks of the joy He receives when his children turn to him.

    Love it also that you put the enemy in perspective…that little guy…what chance does he really have against our AWESOME GOD?

    I intend to DEEP BREATHE a lot in the coming days. Thank you, Carlee.

    Besos…Spanish kisses from your (remember I am deep into writing my early California novel so I think in Spanish these days..


  2. Just as I expect when I see a new post here, excellent work. I too spend most of my time covered up in things to do. I have learned to make a list and attack – yes, attack, not just attend to – a new item on the list. Peace can seem illusive when I get busy. But that is because we are not looking for it. Maybe I need to add “peace” to my to-do list.

    Blessings and shalom to you!


  3. Girl. Been there. But the cool thing about God is that he uses people like YOU. He uses people that say “uhhhh….me?” because you’ll still be you, a few more readers or not. Proud of you!!



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