A Project for Us! Come Join!

Hello, lovely person…
YOU, yes YOU, are invited.
Will you come? Please say yes.

I am starting a mini-project that will last a few months and I would love for you to join me.

In case you haven’t noticed, my blog is entitled love. joy. peace. Most of what we talk about here falls under one, two, or all of those categories. To the right of your screen I have all of the posts I’ve written categorized under these three words.
But starting today, I’m going to choose one of these (for a few weeks each) and purposefully try to cultivate it within my heart and allow it to flourish in my life. I find the most meaning in the simple, so I am starting with just one (love, because it’s first) and directing all my focus on it. This is the pruning phase. Let’s go with it, endure it, and let it produce fruit.

Will you prune with me?

We’ll begin with love, starting today.
I am excited to truly pay attention to love. It’s a really big deal and I want to see it as it is. I pray these next few weeks will be a pattern for the way I live the rest of my days, because I want love to guide my life.

Be looking for a blog post toward the beginning of June or so about LOVE and what I’ve learned during my weeks of focusing on it. (Later we’ll explore Joy, and Peace.)

And remember, YOU’RE invited too. Join me in cultivating a spirit of love these next couple of weeks, and come back here and we’ll talk.





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