My WORD For 2013!

Happy 2013! This is a tad late but I’m still going to tell you HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love the notion of starting fresh with a new calendar year. I think it’s pretty exciting!
So I know you’re all dying to find out my word for 2013. 😉 and it’s…….. Trust.
Yep. Trust. It’s been a word that God has laid on my heart in the past month or so. When I asked for my word I was a little skeptical when I heard Him say “trust”. I know, God. I know we’re supposed to work on trust together. I even bought a new Giving Key last month that says “trust” on it. (Picture down below) But God, what’s my word?! So then He told me again…because I don’t always get it the first few (five hundred) times. He said that He wanted trust to be my priority this year and not something I put on the back burner to work on. Okay, okay. I’ll do it. I really will. Trust it is! But then I was all like, “wait. I need some confirmation right? That’s what a good Christian says, right?”
And then Jesus did the face-palm.
Ahem… Or something like that.
Because I’m learning that asking for confirmation is rude unnecessary when we have a God who knows what is best for us, who cares for us more than we could ever imagine. When He speaks it isn’t really a suggestion or something to ask for more “confirmation” about. And that’s completely freeing to me because I used to worry about things I did or choices I made, wondering if they were really part of God’s plan. But that makes God sound so little! You see, when we live in His love and grace, we don’t have to worry about messing up. We have authority from God, even though we’re on Earth. We’re seriously princes and princesses in the most NON-metaphoric way possible! My friend Candy told me once that if God’s answer isn’t “no”, it’s “yes”. That makes things a whole lot more simple. God is HUGE and He wants us to know that, but He doesn’t want us to be confused because of His vastness. More than anything, He wants what’s best for us: to live life abundantly, basking in His love, grace, and relationship. That’s not confusing at all, let’s not over complicate it.
I am completely trusting not only in my word this year, but also in my Heavenly Father. And I think this will be a year when I get to further trust in other people as well. There’s a line somewhere between guarding your heart and trusting others, and I’m excited for God to show me where that line is and how it will be involved in my life this year.
I was doodling the word “trust” the other day and the way I drew it, both of the t’s at the beginning and end of the word looked like The Cross. So that leaves the 3 letters: “r” “u” and “s” in the middle. When I looked at those letters together I immediately thought of the phrase “are you sure?” Or “r u sure?” Then I realized that the anxious question being posed in the middle of that word was completely surrounded, enclosed, and covered by The Cross. My anxiety, my worry, my fear, my confusion, is lost in light of The Cross. I am completely covered by, and made new because of my Savior who died the most painful of deaths. He did it all for me.
THAT is what trust means to me.



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