My Year Of Fire

2012. Year of the fire.
If you’ll remember with me for a moment… Each year I choose a word with the Holy Spirit’s help that will be my word for the year. It’s amazing to begin to understand my word as the year progresses. This past year, my word was “fire”. You can read that blog post here.
My word wasn’t obnoxiously present or involved by any means this year, but still… It was there. In the little things… that end up being the big things. You see, fire…Refines. Cleanses. Purifies. Shines. Renews. Creates. Comforts. Warms. It may have looked more like a candle than a bonfire for a lot of the year, but it shone brightly.
2012 was a year that ended a lot better than it started, and was the very best in the middle. Kind of like a fire. The beginning was shaky, unsteady, unsure. There was too much dirt and the flame kept getting snuffed out. Strangely enough, I don’t have much of a memory of those days, weeks, and months, but I recall being in a place where I felt stuck and caged in. A complete contrast to the freedom I experienced this summer. First of all, I got my driver’s license and a car which just spells out the word Freedom with a capital F! I also had the absolute joy and privilege to work a Chrysalis this past July. I was an assistant table leader and got to experience everything all over again. It was completely wonderful. I met and formed relationships with so many wonderful people and got to dive deeply into the freedom that God has offered me. My summer set the theme for the beginning of this school year. It’s truly been a wonderful past few months in school. I’m a Junior, and although I’ve had my fair share of homework and tests this year, it’s all been so lovely. This school year has looked completely different from all other school years I’ve experienced. For one thing, I’ve pretty much eliminated all extra-curricular electives from my life. My electives this year are AP Chemistry and AP European History, which means I’m also taking “normal” sciences (physics) and histories (American History) in addition to my “electives”. Who does that? Oh… Me. But I’m with such wonderful people and teachers that I hardly mind all the extra work. Not sarcasm. No, really. Okay, maybe a little. But truly, another blessing this year has been having classes with completely new people. I’ve become closer to old friends or people I didn’t know as well but always wanted to. And I have fantastic teachers… 4 out of 7 are the same ones I had last year!
All that to say, this school year has removed the impurities to make room for a new creation. Just like fire. Thankful!
It’s been a long year. It’s been a short year. It’s been a good year. It’s been a bright year. I have a new appreciation (obsession?) with the idea of fire and I’m even more in love (obsessed?) with the All Consuming Fire. I’ve experienced so much of His love, joy, and peace as He worked on me all year to refine and purify my heart. I’m so glad it doesn’t end here! On to 2013… The best is yet to come!

So what was your 2012 word, and what did you learn?



Thank you Candy for my doodle!!!



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