hello my sweet blogging friends!

it has been awhile since i’ve posted and although i’ve taken much longer blogging-sabbaticals in the past, i must admit i feel a little bad since i told you i was going to follow up on my last post. but then…life happened. and truthfully, i haven’t even finished the book i’m reading about taking our thoughts captive. sigh.

but i am READING. reading, reading,reading. lots of things.

i have my hands, mind, and heart full. because reading is good…good for the soul. even AP review books? “even AP review books” answers the little voice inside of me.

just so you know, this is where i stand {sit?}…reading. and learning. and absorbing.

does your life have any hectic elements too? and what are YOU reading?

loves, Carlee


One thought on “Lately…

  1. I am always reading. A lot! I have three books going right now. I used an app/website called GoodReads. You can find it at You can load books by scanning the bar code and then putting them on a “to-read”, “reading” or “read” shelf. After reading it you can add in a rating and small book review. You follow different people (I am on there under ) and can see what they are reading. Great way of sharing your reads while warning people of lousy reads.

    Give it a shot and see what ya think. If you do, feel free to follow me. I have one other person in my circle who you will be able to view.



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