Come dance with me

Allow God to heal your heart as you read these words that He’s singing over you:

See the pieces there
Someone spilled me out
It’s a longing stare
Running from these doubts
Open me up again
Like the skies of rain
Oh how I need You Friend
And the way that You say:

Wallflower come dance with Me
Left over you’re just what I need
Broken one you’ll be the queen of My heart

Hoping for love again
Done with days of tears
Learning to trust again
Your words in my ear

Wallflower come dance with Me
Left over you’re just what I need
Broken one you’ll be the queen of My heart

You saw me broken
You saw me battered
You saw me filthy
You saw me shattered
You saw me wicked
You saw me lying
You saw me failing
You saw me trying
You saw me angry
You saw me jealous
You saw me prideful
You saw me selfish
You saw me wander
You saw me lustful
You saw me striving
worshipping idols…

You say “I want her, I love her, she’s the one for Me. I choose her, I know her, My blood has made her clean, she is My true love, bring her to Me, put a ring on her finger, clothe her in My righteousness, shine My light all around her, place a crown upon her head, keep her tears in a bottle, see her name upon My hands, and when she says ‘I dont deserve it’, tell her I took the nails instead.”

Wallflower come dance with me, leftover you’re just what I need, broken one you’ll be the queen of My heart.


3 thoughts on “Come dance with me

  1. I love this song. The lyrics that you wrote at the end, starting with “You saw me broken…”. Is that from her or your writing? I can’t find the version of the song that has it. I also don’t have the CD, I’m pulling the youtube versions.


    Many blessings and keep writing!


    1. Maggie! Thank you so much for your comment. And yes, all the lyrics are from Laura Woodley Osman, the writer and singer, not me. I wrote this post a couple years ago… Before I knew to site my sources. 😉 I believe you can download the album from iTunes, it’s called “In Love”
      Thanks again, and I hope you have a super week!


  2. Thank you very much Carlee for the lyrics, I was looking for it!!! Maggie, the second song is called Into the Light you can find it in Spotify. A hug for both of you girls!!! God Bless You!



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