Grace. What an awesome word. Don’t you just heave a sigh of relief as you see that word. Grace. It’s free, it never runs out, and it’s eternal. I’ll never be able to grasp the enormity of the matter. Our minds can’t comprehend it. And when we can’t comprehend something, we tend to disregard it. But grace can’t be forgotten or disregarded. It’s ALWAYS there. It’s freely given. It’s that 2nd or sometimes 22nd chance that God is always ready to give you. He wants to see you do good, He wants to see you happy. He’s the best parent ever! He’ll do anything for His children. And He has. Our God is a God of grace. In Luke, God says the angels throw a party everytime a sinner turns to Christ! One lost sheep is more important than the other members of the herd. The Good Shepherd will leave His other 99 sheep out in the wilderness to search for the 1 who is lost. THAT’S what kind of God we serve.

Think back to the story of The Prodigal Son. If you haven’t read it in a while, pull out your bible. It’s a good one.
My favorite part is when the son is finally coming home, ashamed because He realizes how much better off He was when He lived with his father. He’s prepared a speech to give to his father asking to be a farm-hand. The son doesn’t expect to be welcomed, he doesn’t expect grace. BUT the father sees him coming, he’s been waiting for him ever since he left. He finally gets to scream- “My son is here—given up for dead and now alive! Given up for lost and now found!”

That’s what God gets to scream and rejoice about in heaven when we, the prodigal sons, come back.

Grace had been “my word” for awhile. It’s just always stood out to me. I love how it sounds, I love the imagery I get in my head when I close my eyes and meditate on it. I love everything about it.

Does anyone remember my Giving Key I blogged about awhile back? Well I finally gave it away. I can’t tell you the story now, nor will I post it on the website but trust me that God’s grace has been received by her. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me telling you but because most of the personal things that went on at the retreat (The Chrysalis) are confidential, I’m choosing to not give away all the details even though I told you I would. I hope you understand. Another reason is that I’m still processing it all, myself. And I don’t think I could put any of it into words. I told her God had something for her and I was supposed to give it to her. She didn’t give me a sob story about how she needs God’s grace or anything like that, I just gave it to her because it was what God told me to do. If she thought I was a lunatic/weirdo/strange she hid it really well. 🙂 it was well received and even more fun to give and I thought you readers needed to know that!

May you soak in God’s grace this week, not because you earned it but because it’s freely given. It never runs out, it’s a waterfall of glory! He rejoices in giving it away. We all fall short of the glory of God but He always brings grace to the table, all you have to do is grab it.



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