Well hello there Blogland! How have you all been?! I haven’t blogged in forever! Mostly because things have been crazy over here! I cannot believe my freshman year is almost over. SO WEIRD!! These past few weeks have been jam-packed with homework and auditions and scheduling and learning to drive and church things and friend things and did I mention homework?! Biology homework is pretty much my whole life at the moment… And instead of doing it, I’m blogging. When I’m not doing homework and projects I’m doing lots of worrying and over-thinking. (that’s what I do best) I started Drivers Ed on Monday and I’m a little overwhelmed with the fact that I’ll be behind the wheel of a car (with a learner’s permit) in 19 days! Driving’s scary, dude! On top of that I have an audition for Pure Gold (my school’s show choir) that’s coming up soon and I don’t even know for sure what I’m singing!! But I think what most worries me about THAT situation is the consequences of me actually making Pure Gold and then having to drop a class that I love and invest a lot of fun times in. And there’s a lot of what-if’s in that situation. This is the first year our director is exclusively taking sophomores, so we’ll see how that goes…
I really just need a good REST! *breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out*

Tonight at Huddles we made collages depicting our relationship with God and how we currently view our own faith. I loved this idea and got straight to work. My collage immediately made clear to me that it wanted to be primarily made up of words… So I obeyed! I’ll go through the words and phrases with you to help you understand why I chose them………..
“relationship”- I LOVE my relationship with God and love the way I communicate with Him. It’s a bond that cannot be broken.
“wrap yourself up in warm cozy comfort”- this made me think of Soaking and the comfort that I feel when God wraps His arms around me.
“feel the love”- this is a little balloon in the top right that I thought was so cute. I most definitely feel the love!!
“save”- I’m saved by God and He’s using me to save others
“relax”- this is what He tells me to do although I’m not always a good listener.
“anchor-(your destination)”- AHHHHHH!!!! Can’t believe I found this in a magazine!! You cannot tell me it wasn’t a Divine interaction that made me pick THAT magazine up! By the way, if you don’t know why I’m freaking out…read my blog post I wrote the beginning of this year about my word for the year!
“learn”- I’m constantly learning. Constantly! And I have a hunger to know more and more and more. He’s put a lot of wise people in my path for me to learn from.
“best ever”- I think this explains itself. He IS the best!…. Ever!
“in a fresh new way”- I love the way God is teaching me and I love the things that He’s showing me. I love the fact that people would look at me like I was crazy if I told them what I’ve seen. It’s a whole new way.
“Enjoy”- ahhh, yes! Sometimes you’ve just gotta sit back, look around you, and ENJOY all He’s given you.
“in your own words”- I think this is really important. God and I have our own language, I have my own special way to feel the Holy Spirit’s presence. God’s your friend, He speaks YOUR personal language! So cool!
“at your service-(special for you)”- God’s Word is very personal and intended for me and you. He’s the King and I’m the servant, at His service ready to do what He asks.
“grace”- I’m actually in the process of writing a whole blog on grace but I think I’ll save it until I give my ‘Giving Key’ away. Just know that grace is a very special concept and word that’s close to mine and God’s heart.
“world”- I actually hesitated to put this one on there because I don’t think mission work is my calling but i am doing mission work in New York this summer and usually fill my summers up with church mission trips. I’m excited to see what God has planned in that area of my life. Something good always comes out of it.
“solve your trickiest problems”- I’ve definitely given Him some sticky situations to work with but He’s never ceased to pull me through.
“feel good”- having a relationship with God FEELS GOOD! you’ve got a best friend with you 24/7!!
“dare”- I like this word. God is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone and daring me to live a crazy life!
“from darkness to light”- yep! He shows me the light that is new but constant every morning. I never want to live without it.
“a lighter life”- when God carries you, you don’t have to drag around all that extra baggage anymore. He provides all you need.
“really good”- He’s REALLY GOOD (and that’s an understatement!) but trust me, life with Him is even better than really good.
“walking in wisdom”- this is my hope for my future and what I strive to carry out. I want to walk in wisdom. I want to KNOW. I want to walk in the fullness of God. And I want you to, too!

Well that was fun, this collage was fun! I’d encourage you to make your own and then tell me about it or send me a picture! If you have any questions about what I described in a little nutshell, leave a comment and I’ll try to explain it better 🙂





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