The Giving Keys

Who's heard of The Giving Keys?! Anyone? Well prepare yourself, this is pretty 
awesome. A young woman named Caitlin Crosby who lives in LA started a "movement" 
called The Giving Keys. She and a homeless couple who live on Hollywood Blvd 
imprint words on ordinary house-keys, put them on a necklace chain, and send 
them to you. To order a key you go to, type in the word you 
want engraved, put in your credit card number and your address, and wait for 
them to send it!! The whole idea is "paying it forward" At some point you're 
supposed to give your key to someone who needs that word. For example, the word 
I chose is "grace", so at some point I will give my necklace to someone who 
needs grace. It's really as simple as that. It's a great way to be God's hands 
and feet, ministering in a way you may not have otherwise. I can't wait to blog 
about how I gave it away!!! Pray for the person I'm going to give it to! I don't 
know them yet, but God does. I'm so excited!
 sorry for the awkward picture placement... blogging pics is a NIGHTMARE on here! 
(click on the images to make them bigger) :)



One thought on “The Giving Keys

  1. Chiquita!!! I am going to do it. Even before you blog it, I want to know who God chooses for you. I haven’t received my word yet, but it will come.

    Your mimi who is constantly amazed and so filled with love at the person you are becoming.



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