Faith and Wiggles(worth)

Ephesians 6:16 says “Faith.” Yep. That’s it. It’s a one word verse. And God chose to use the word “faith”

All day I’ve been seeing the word “Faith”. God does this to me sometimes, puts a word everywhere I’m going to go that day and makes sure i see it! I guess I’m a little hard-headed sometimes, but luckily I have a God who pursues me until I GET IT! Today my word was “faith”. My sister wore a necklace today that I’ve never seen her wear before, it says “Faith.” When I went to a bible study at my friend, Dava Lynn’s house, I noticed her doormat says “Faith”. I kept hearing songs that were about faith. I heard Faith tied in with the sermons at church this morning. So many other things happened that sound small but I loved seeing them, and by the end of the day I EXPECTED them.

I delivered Valentine’s cards today to people I didn’t even know with some women in my huddle. We walked by faith and not by sight. God had put it on Robin’s heart and being the faithful women that she is, led our little group in delivering these cards and we were blessed profusely throughout our time together. God is faithful in every situation.

I’ve had it prophesied over me that I’m going to be a great person of faith. I haven’t thought about that section of my prophesy in a long time but it was “playing” word-for-word in my head all day. I’m currently reading a biography of Smith Wigglesworth, an apostle of faith. He was born in the 1800’s and died about 40 years ago. He’s an interesting little man and I’ve fallen in love with him! He’s witty and compassionate but Oh-so-Faithful! When he prayed over people he would often hit them! When asked why he did this, he would respond that he was hitting the devil, not the person! Faith is a fight. If you’re going to be faithful to God you must know what you’re up against. You’re fighting the devil.

I bet everyone Wigglesworth came in contact with had their lives changed. I wish I could have met him. And he had been that faithful from age 8!!! What?! 8!!! I LOVE the way God works, kids are just as important to His kingdom as anyone else. I hate when people say that the youth group and children’s ministry at my church is Highland’s future. Well, yeah it is, but it’s also the “RIGHT NOW!!!” it’s the present AND the future. No one has to WAIT! You’re never to young and you’re never too old. I mean, what are you waiting FOR?? Hopefully you don’t think you’re waiting on God, He’s waiting on you!!!

(Okay I’ll get off my soapbox. I feel like I just used way too many exclamations!!!!!!! and CAPITALS) 🙂

So, FAITH. Wigglesworth says that There are two kinds of faith. There is the natural faith. But the supernatural faith is the gift of God.
I want the supernatural faith! I want to unwrap and then utilize this gift of faith that He’s given me. I want to further believe that when God says He’ll do something, He will!! I want to fear God so much that I fear no one and nothing else. I want the type of Holy boldness that Wigglesworth possessed. I want to always be ready. We always have to be ready for anything if we call ourselves children of God. Once while on a speaking tour Wigglesworth told a young woman who was with him that she was to prepare the songs and scripture and he would preach. They went through the entire service and each time she would begin to lead the songs she had prepared or read the scripture she’d picked out, he would begin to sing or read his own scripture. Wigglesworth was 80 at the time so the young women shook it off as his forgetfulness. Then it was time for the sermon, he turned to her and said “your turn!!” Of course she was shocked and had no idea what to say. She had picked out songs and scriptures, not prepared a whole sermon! Later that night, Wigglesworth told her that “the child of God is always ready. When I’m traveling by train and people know I am on that train and it stops at a station even for five minutes, I’ll go to the window and they will say, ‘Have you got a word from the Lord?’ Of course I’ve got a word from the Lord. The child of God always has a word from the Lord. You’ve got to be ready, my girl. You can’t run away and GET ready. You’ve got to always BE ready.”

So let’s soak in God’s faith, and then LIVE it out. You can count me in!

By the way, here’s one of the songs that’s been playing in my head all day.

Faith Is- Beckah Shae

So I’ve decided, I’m gonna believe like a child.
Just like them all the while, still carrying my grown up smile.
Cause I can’t help this feeling that I get when I,
Look beyond my own two eyes and see my courage come alive.

I love the miracles, oil, fire, gold dust, gemstones and rainbows.
I love the wonders and signs, the glory, the laughter, the joy, the new wine!

Faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of the things unseen.
But to believe,
Just like this little mustard seed,
I can be a big tree.
I want to be the one who walks on water.
To believe is just the least I can do to please my Father.

So I’ve decided, I can’t convince you to believe in,
All the crazy, amazing things I’ve been seeing.
But if you only, knew just how big His love is for you,
There’s nothing your eyes could show you,
That could compare to what’s in store.

I wanna see a mountain move, just cause I told it to.
I wanna see my bread and fish be multiplied too.
Or build an ark like Noah, who never saw the rain.
Split the sea in two or bring a dead man back to life again.
And for the blind, I want restored sight.
And I’m feeling just fine giving my water for wine.
Cause I want to be the one who walks on water!


5 thoughts on “Faith and Wiggles(worth)

  1. “I hate when people say that the youth group and children’s ministry at my church is Highland’s future. Well, yeah it is, but it’s also the “RIGHT NOW!!!” it’s the present AND the future.” I love this, Carlee!! Stay on that soapbox, girl;)


  2. Yes! Great post. I’ve been thinking about childlike faith too. I just want more! Love Wigglesworth. Love you. Let’s get crazy and start a riot!



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