Our Emotions

I feel jealousy but I have the choice to BE jealous or not.
I feel anger but I have the choice to BE angry or not.
I feel saddened but I have the choice to BE sad or not.
I don’t feel hope but I have the choice to BE hopeless or not.

It works the other way too.

I feel happiness but I have the choice to BE happy or not.
I feel gratefulness but I have the choice to BE grateful or not.
I feel joyfulness but I have the choice to BE joyful or not.
I have the choice to pour out good things I feel and I have the choice to pour out bad things that I feel.
Just because you feel a certain way doesn’t mean you have to BE a certain way. YOU HAVE THE CHOICE. You and ONLY you can take ownership of your emotions.

I’m a pretty emotional person, I cry in movies that aren’t sad, songs make me break down or put me at the top of the highest mountain, I cry talking about little things with friends, I can easily cry when someone tells me they love me or when someone forgives me. I’m an emotional being. So for me, it’s incredibly easy to let my emotions take ownership of me. If I’m mad, I want other people to know i’m mad. I’m not gonna hold it in!!
And sometimes we say that to ourselves without even thinking about it.
That’s part of the problem. We don’t think.
We just let our emotions think and act for us.
Emotions are a crazy thing. They can be wonderful or they can hold us prisoners in our own soul. I’m incrediby greatful that God gave me emotions. In fact, He encourages us to USE them! He loves for you to cry out to Him. He understands that you’re angry with Him. He LOVES seeing your joy. He wants you to be sad when you lose someone you love and you can GUARANTEE that His tear is the first to fall.
It’s true, God has emotions, God gave you emotions.

However, He didn’t give them to you with the intent of YOU letting them control you.

1 John 2:16 For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father but is from the world.

There is FREEDOM in controlling yourself. There’s immediate liberation in feeling the way YOU want to feel. There’s no sense in not wanting that!

“Just because your emotions are inside of you doesn’t mean you have to act on them, and just because you feel them doesn’t mean you have to accept and obey.
When you feel insecure, you don’t have to act insecure.
When you feel ugly, you don’t have to act ugly.
When you feel like a victim, you don’t have to behave like a victim.
And if you do feel like a victim, and maybe you have every reason in the world to feel victimized, the first step in getting out of that situation is to invoke the power inside of you- to choose to fight that hopeless thinking. Your situation may not change immediatly, but YOU will change in the middle of your situation.
Most of the time in this area of your heart, you have to go to war in order to bring peace. You have to learn to fight to bring calm into your life.” These emotions holding you captive are going to put up a fight- but so are you. And guess who’s on YOUR side?! He lives in your heart. He’s already fighting for you. Your God is your strongest warrior, your wisest teacher, your biggest cheerleader, and your best friend through every circumstance. He loves you. Because of Him, you are worthy of love. And this emotion called “love” slaps every other emotion across the face. LOVE casts out all fear. LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Just ANCHOR in the harbor of His love.

So how do we do that? How do we free ourselves from our emotions? How do we make ourselves believe that we are in fact, worthy of love?

First I think you have to dig right down to the roots. Hating the way you think doesn’t CHANGE the way you think.
You have to ask yourself WHY? And then ask yourself WHY again. You have to dig all the way down to the one story that you’ve never told anyone, or that one person that you DON’T talk about anymore. Where’s your breaking point? THAT’S what’s controlling you. If your emotions are controlling you, you haven’t dug down deep enough to find your breaking point. Pray about it. Allow yourself to go there. Relive it, talk to someone about it.
I promise, SOMEONE cares. I care. But even more than I do, God cares about you. He does. And He’s been waiting to have this talk with you. So if you can’t talk to anyone else- talk to your best friend: God. Talk to the mother you never had: God. Talk to the father you never had: God. Talk to the big sister you never had: God. Talk to the kind teacher you never had: God. Etc…
He can be anything you want Him to be. He just wants YOU. It’s as simple as that. He wants what’s best for His children. He wants what’s best for YOU. He wants to work with you through any crap you’re willing to show Him.
So find that breaking point and break IT before you allow it to break YOU! I know all too well that this can be very painful. And I know it’s all too easy to sit behind a computer screen and hypocritically tell you all what to do. “But you need to understand the “why” behind every destructive action. You need to see the reasons underneath the behavior. Once you’ve realized it’s not really about the “breaking-point”, the breaking-point loses power. It’s no longer aloud to break you. You can stop giving it permission to do so. Once the curtain is lifted and you see the real culprit, you can choose to begin the healing process in certain areas of your heart instead of trying to simply change the symtom.
Drinking is not your problem. Losing weight is not your problem. Sex, drugs, food, anger, gambling– they’re not your problem. The root is the problem. Your behavior will change when the root is removed.”

Cast your burdens unto Jesus, for He CARES FOR YOU!!


If you’ve read “God Loves Ugly” you’ll recognize some quotes/ideas.
And if you haven’t GO buy it. RIGHT NOW!! christablack.com! GO! 🙂
I had the pleasure of getting to meet Christa tonight. She’s amazing. AHHHMAZING and has a heart of gold.


One thought on “Our Emotions

  1. Wow! I am glad we got that book. Lots of wisdom here. Truly, God wants to give us the desires of our hearts–meaning He wants to put those desires into us and if we desire to be His woman each day, not controlled by our own fallible emotions and wants, that is what He will do for us.

    Can’t wait for Christmas hugs!!! And more sharing from Christa’s book.

    I love you so much–mimi



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