Our heart’s treasure

Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

So tonight at soaking it was just me, jordan, candy and kaylee at candy’s house. Jordan picked the music and it was so good! I felt so relaxed, maybe it has to do with having it at candy’s house but the Holy Spirit definently annointed our time we spent together. During the beginning I was asking to see something that God wanted me see. I always have this internal struggle because I’ll tell myself I see angels but they could easily be light from passing cars etc… and I think we do that alot. Our HEAD rules out what our HEARTS want to see. I know we do this all the time without even realizing it. Because I know that angels don’t only appear at soaking (or when God sends a new preacher to our church.) They are amongst us all the time! We just forget to look or exclude what our heart, what JESUS inside our hearts, wants to show us.
So anyways, tonight I was asking to see something and of course my head got in the way of my heart. I would see lights dancing on the walls and I want to believe they were angels but I don’t know if I wanted to see them so bad I would have made anything into an angel or if I actually got to see real angels. I know they were in that room, my heart just isn’t fully fixed to see them yet. Seeing with your eyes is so different from seeing with your heart, seeing with God’s heart actually.
So tonight after I stopped looking at the walls I closed my eyes and prayed to see something. God answered me and told me that He wanted to show me the treasures of His heart that were designed with me in mind, therefore they’re in my heart too.
He took me too the ocean. My mind immediatly went into a million different directions at once trying to predict what He wanted to show me. Then something kind of funny happened- God told me to “shut up”. He told me that I have got to stop thinking and I have got to start finding the place where I can open my heart and close my mind. Now obviously God has different ways of talking to us. He probably doesn’t tell 90 year old ladies to shut up- I bet He helps them in a gentler way. This was just His way of getting MY attention.
So after He got my brain to shut-up we went sailing in the ocean and I watched sea creatures leap over rocks and dance underwater. Then an oyster washed up on the shore. Water kept washing over it and pouring out of it through the tiny opening. I kept wanting to fully open it but God told me that my brain needed to stop because I could never get it open with my mind, I needed to use my heart. When I finally closed my mind and listened to His, He opened up the oyster for me. The only thing I saw was a blinding, bright light though. I couldn’t see anything.

It wasn’t until later that I saw an oyster in the middle of a heart during one of the songs and little by little I started piecing it together.

My heart is the crusty, washed up oyster. It’s hard to open sometimes, because only God can truly open it- but I have to let Him.
Inside my heart I hold the greatest treasure known to creation, God. He’s my pearl of great price. He’s the greatest treasure I have.

Sometimes i forget what my heart holds. GOD LIVES INSIDE OF US!! Our body is His temple. I forget that He’s not far out of reach at all. All I have to do is open up my heart. He has so many things to show me, I just know it!! And I’m so glad I’m along for the ride!

Lord I pray that you alone become the only “pearl” that I seek to find. You’re my only true treasure. My treasure is in heaven, because I believe THAT: my heart belongs in heaven. (Luke 12:34) thank you for doing whatever it takes to wake me up and turn my earthly logic into eternal wisdom. Thank you for caring enough for ME to help me close the gap between my mind and my heart. Thank you for all you’ve already done in my life and I thank you for all that you’re going to do. Thank you for the people I have in my life that remind me to look toward you for everything. And thank you for fixing my HEART upon the treasures that are stored there. Help me to be able to open up each one and admire it as if I’m recieving a piece of You each time. I love you so much, and You love me so much more.


One thought on “Our heart’s treasure

  1. I love that you can thank Him for all that He has done and for all that He will do. That looking ahead with assurance in His grace makes our journey with him so much more exciting. I sometimes feel like I am holding my breath waiting to see what He will do with you. You are so fine and so teachable, Carlee–and ready ti become adventuresome with Him. Continue to fill your life with His wise ones to add balance to your excitement and trust the wise counsel of those You realize He has placed in your life. We are all in this together–PRAISES TO HIM!!! prayers always, Mimi



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