! and shout-out to my MIMI!!

WHAT A DAY! a good day though, just a long one. last night i found out that my favorite singer/songwriter/inspiration of all time- Christa Black’s book, “GOD LOVES UGLY, and love makes beautiful” was available for pre-orders tomorrow morning. (which is THIS morning.) 😉 and on top of that she announced that she is autographing the first 1000 orders. it wasn’t a HUGE deal to me to get it signed right now, but i decided it would be fun to wake up 5 minutes early and order so i could be one of the 1000. on top of that, i told my Mimi about it and she was overjoyed to get on the computer at 7 this morning and order as well. (isn’t she awesome!) soooo i was ready to push the send button with all the info at 6:59… sent it at 7:00… and BOOM… “error” i immediately called my Mimi and she had gotten the same message. so it wasn’t just my computer. i was a little disappointed but my Mimi promised she’d spend all day trying… and she DID! (once again, she’s awesome) and i knew that Christa would have a LOOOOONG day ahead of her when she woke up to thousands of tweets/texts/facebook messages etc… saying the website wasn’t working. i set my phone this morning to send her tweets to me as texts, and right about lunchtime i saw a text saying the website was running!!! woohooo! i immediately called Mimi, who was STILL trying. i think she ended up calling the website’s phone number and after a long journey of THAT she finally found success!! we didn’t even care about an autographed copy at that point, just hoped the credit cards hadn’t been charged 50 times, each time we clicked “send” over and over. haha so… HOPEFULLY i don’t receive 50 copies of that book and a bill from my dad’s credit card for a bunch of $$$$$!


anyways, everything ended up perfectly, Mimi ordered the book and Christa let everyone know that EVERYONE will get an autographed copy if you order before Christmas. THANK YOU MIMI!!!!! LOVE YOU!! and thank you Christa, now i’m even more excited to read the book!! this book is gonna be AWESOME.

i’ve been waiting for this day for a loooooooooong time, and i know Christa’s been waiting even longer!! if you don’t know Christa, check out her website under my links “widget” to the right of this blog. you won’t be dissapointed.


and a little housekeeping info for anyone who cares, i changed my “categories” to just “love” “joy” and “peace”. this way every blog that i’ve written is filed under 1 or 2 of those categories. i thought this was a fun idea to kind of play off the title and all. you can look at the categories and click on 1 to read the posts that coincide with it to the right of this blog post, as well.



so this is basically just a short&sweet post, getting you to buy Christa Black’s book RIGHT NOW!! and thanking my precious MIMI!!! love you!!!!!!!!


have a spectacular weekend!!


pray for me as I “chaperone” 4 girls for Jolee’s birthday party in Big Spring at my Mimi’s house. bless her heart. 🙂






One thought on “! and shout-out to my MIMI!!

  1. It was ALMOST fun hanging in there until the book was ordered. If it is a big deal to you, mi nieta…my granddaughter…it is a big deal to me, too. Where there is a will there is a way the saying goes. I have decided the wisdom of that saying is just hanging tough (and patient) until you have resolution. I wonder how many gave up??? wuvu, mimi



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