What do you CRAVE?

I realize I haven’t really written about myself for a while on here. But I want you to know that life is good. And God is good(er)! We had a conference today at ACU that my church puts on for girls all over West Texas to come and soak in God’s prescence for the weekend. We have a keynote speaker for the weekend and they always have lots of fun activites planned, complete with a great theme! This year the theme was, What do you crave? I love this! I had never really thought about it in detail before, but whatever we crave is what ends up defining who we are. It’s as simple as that. If you crave Jesus, that’s who defines you. And i wish I could write this blog and say that I crave Jesus above all else. But that, that would be lying. So many times I get so full of the world and feasting on empty calories that satan feeds me, I forget to leave room for dessert. I forget that Jesus is the only One who can truly satisfy my hunger. Or maybe I don’t forget, maybe I push it to the side and wait for something better to come along. One of those foods that you skip over when it’s served to you, that you hope no one will notice that you didn’t take a bite. Well I don’t know about you, but it breaks my heart that Jesus is served to me at every “meal” and more often than not, I choose to “skip over” that portion. It doesn’t look as appealing to my eyes. Sure we can train our eyes and hearts to see His ways but I don’t think His path is always going to look like the prettiest path on the outside, to the naked eye. BUT, you and I both know that the path get a WHOLE lot better at the end. And the END is what matters. We can’t eat “dessert” first when it comes down to “dessert” being heaven. BUT we do get a sneakpeak. We can smell it just down the hallway, baking in the oven. We pour His word over our hearts time and time again. We read His word. We know longer have to crave the world! We crave His WORD! His word alone, His voice, His spurts of glory is what gets us OUT of these pits where we crave the world. The place where I’m not good enough or brave enough or strong enough or pretty enough or healthy enough or loud enough or quiet enough. Or whatever LIES the enemy speaks over you. Just ask for them to be GONE! Because truth is, I’m NOT brave enough, and I’m NOT strong enough and I may not be good enough for some, but I’m good enough for God. And WITH Him, i’m strong enough to move a mountain and with Him I’m brave enough to walk on water. And He has broken off the chains holding me down to the world, whispering in my ear “you aren’t _____ enough” to do that or be that or say that. I no longer have to believe those things, and let me just say- that feels GOOD! and I’m not saying I have it all together now, because that’s one of the worst things I could wish upon myself. I don’t want to believe that I have it “all together” because when we think that we have it all together- there’s no room for God to come in and shake things up. I’m learning that organization is overrated and messiness is a heck of a lot funner. And this is coming from someone who’s been putting up the “I have it all together act” for quite some time. I’ve felt security in organization but I’m being taught that messes are beautiful. Why else would He cherish our tears? He loves messes. When you accept that you have a mess, He can come in and organize. And trust me, He’s a lot better of an organizer than I am! And I still have a lot of questions about His organization and His planning. But questions are good. If the bible didn’t leave room for questions, we wouldn’t CRAVE answers.

Lord I pray that you show us your perfect desserts that you’ve handcrafted for each of us, thank you for caring about each and every detail. Thank you for digging through our messes and straightening out our lives enough to see through to You again. Thank you for filling us up to overflowing each and every time we ask for you to fill our cup. I love you so much, thank you for being my perfect and holy Father, and best friend. I pray this in the SWEETEST name I know, amen.

So when you’re eating dinner tonight, or breakfast tomorrow or when you’re reading your bible or checking your email or taking your kids to school or walking to your next class… Think about this: What you YOU crave? And why?



4 thoughts on “What do you CRAVE?

  1. Much wisdom here. If I could have had your God-given insights at your age, my life would have been very different. I wait with bated breath to see you unfold before the Lord, my precious Carlee. What joys await you, what heartbreaks and what glories as you choose God’s paths. He is faithful.
    Prayers, joys, blessings—mimi


  2. Now that’s a great blog. I love the way you hear and experience things and then you process it and let it become a part of you. That’s a gift. Love you.


  3. I have been guilty so many times of pushing God aside to wait for something that I think is better suited to myself. God has such great plans for us, but we just have to be willing to be molded in His glory! I am so glad you loved the conference and the theme this year. You are an example to so many people around you. love you!



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