ok well i have another CD for you to buy… surprise surprise… right?!

it’s JJ Heller’s new one, sooooooooo good! brought me to tears. but this isn’t a review about her album, however, i do want to talk about one of her songs called “Olivianna.” when you hear the song you understand that it’s about a baby who has died. it confused me because i didn’t think JJ had ever experienced this, and i knew the background pieces of information to all her other songs, so the fact that i didn’t know anything  about this song really bothered me. i had to find out! go i googled “olivianna jj heller” and THIS is what i found, it’s Olivianna’s mom’s blog. Her mom’s name is Amber Grover. her very last blog post had a couple sentences explaining how JJ’s song she wrote for Olivianna would be coming out soon. from my understanding, JJ contacted her sometime last year telling Amber she had heard her daughter’s story from a friend and would like to write a song about her for her new album. of course Olivianna’s parents were thrilled to have yet another way to keep their daughter’s spirit alive. i’m kind of backtracking now but click HERE and read Olivianna’s story. from here, her mom, Amber put in a link to read her blog posts from the beginning, when Olivianna was diagnosed with CDH before she was born. if you’re feeling sorry for yourself today, or if you need some extra strength in your life i’d encourage you to read her blog posts from when she was pregnant with Olivianna in 2008, up until Olivianna was born, or as long as you’d like to read! it’s incredible how much trust Amber has in God even though she’s almost certain the precious girl inside of her won’t make it outside the womb. i hate to say it, but i doubt i would be able to maintain a faithful, gentle, spirit when i felt so…. hopeless…. so helpless. as you’ll read, Olivianna’s mom got to hold her for 11 minutes before she went back with Jesus. it’s such a powerful story. i’ll be honest, i read all of her pregnancy posts and posts soon after her death and didn’t shed one tear until i saw the pictures of the funeral. oh my, i can’t imagine.

i just love the PEACE that He gives. her mom kept saying throughout her blog posts that just a moment in heaven is better than an eternity here. she kept saying she wouldn’t lose one place in her heart that God can’t fill even if her daughter didn’t live. Amber put on a happy face for her other daughter and the world around her, but wasn’t ashamed of her pain. You’ll see this as she blogs, she’s not afraid to tell you she’s had a crappy day and that she’s jealous of her best friends having perfect babies. but she knew that God was doing something inside of her that wasn’t comparable to any of these “perfect pregnancies” like JJ sings, Olivianna touched more souls than most people ever do.

here are the lyrics to JJ’s song “Olivianna”

Hearts broke, when your heart stopped beating.

I don’t know if mine will ever stop bleeding.

11 minutes to breathe you in,

I felt the darkness when I knew I couldn’t hold you again,

When I knew I couldn’t hold you again.

You’re in the arms of God,

Just a moment there, is better than here.
Life is short but it is wide, I know it’s true.

You touched, more souls than most people ever do.

You’re in the arms of God,

Just a moment there, is better than here.
You could not stay with us

We will come to you

You could not stay with us

You’re going home, love

Where you belong

Oh my baby girl,

I’ll see you soon.

You’re in the arms of God,

Just a moment there, is better than here.

You’re in the arms of God,

Just a moment there, is better than here.

its a beautiful song, i love listening to JJ sing it. i couldn’t find a video clip of it, but let me know if you want me to burn you a copy of the CD! or go buy it on itunes! you won’t regret it!!




One thought on “Olivianna

  1. I cried with you, precious Carlee. And then my heart was torn almost in two when I thought of the millions of young women who have chosen to kill their babies in despair because abortion has become the law of our land. Surely our God anguishes of each of His lovingly created little ones whose spirits are sent to him before they breathe even 11 minutes. Mimi



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