The Storments!… And Jesus!…

I had dinner with the Storments this evening and for anyone who hasn’t met them, you’re missing out. They are incredible. Amazing. I just love them so much already. They both know me but we hadn’t officially met. So that was very fun to finally get to hug each other. They have two precious kids. One named Eden who is 2, and Samuel, who is 3 months. I’m actually not sure on the ages- this us what Eden told me when I asked her.
I spent most of the evening playing with Eden. Oh, she’s precious. We were best friends the moment we saw each other. She called me “barbie” which is kind of a long story but I think that will probably be my name according to her from now on. I mentioned this before when I blogged about Fortress awhile back, but there’s really no better way to experience God’s love then through a little kid. They don’t judge you. They don’t care if you brushed your hair that morning, or if you have on the “latest greatest” clothes. They just love you. Sound familiar? Well, that’s how Jesus loves us. Not by judging, by shoving all that aside and just loving. I lay out my imperfections and other’s across the table so often that it piles up too high for us to see each other’s faces. And there’s no need for that. Just shove it aside.

Anyways, I’m SOOOO PUMPED to have Jonathan as my preacher, and Leslie right alongside him. I do believe that Leslie’s role is just as important and I know people will gravitate to the way she leads as a quiet, gentle, warrior. I can’t wait to get to know them even better and I feel too blessed to know them already. I feel like I know a couple celebrities, now. (:

So thank you Jonathan, Leslie, Eden, and Samuel, for making Abilene a better place and for shining your light into my life. I love y’all so much and pray His blessings over you. Praying for you everyday! And praying for your house to sell!

Go check out Jonathan’s blog at!
And read my favorite post he’s written called “you are not alone” it’s a good one (;



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