Truly Following

Kind of recently God has been revealing a lot of stuff to me about being a true follower of Him. I have been praying for a breakthrough in myself of giving up whatever i have to give up to truly follow Him. Because being completely honest- i dont follow Him most of the time. I believe my ways are better than His will.- it’s a trap i have fallen into, one i feel like almost everyone falls into. Some of you will never climb out of the trap… And that makes me so sad. So many people are living an earthly-centered life when He has offered us so much more. A GOD-CENTERED life!!!! A life that is lead by Him. Fear is non-existant when He leads your life. He brings you above earthly thinking. He reveals His destiny for You. It hurts my heart that so many people would call themselves a “follower” because they go to church every Sunday. They got baptized. They read their Bible when it’s convenient. Etc. Etc. But how can you call yourself a follower of Jesus if you don’t lead a life like Him. Under no circumstance am I saying anyone should think they are God. (because you sure aren’t!) but seriously the 12 diciples were His FOLLOWERS. the first Followers. They did what He did. They spoke what He spoke. ALWAYS giving credit to Him. You can’t think that just because He’s in heaven He doesn’t need followers. He does! He wants you more than anything. And YOU need Him! If we do anything “helpful” in our eyes WITHOUT Him we are hurting way more than helping. You have to have Him. You have to be able to call yourelf His follower. But know that you cannot call yourself a follower if you WON’T do what Jesus calls you to do. Notice I said “WON’T” not “CAN’T” because you CAN! The Bible is super clear about that! So its not “i cant”. Its “i wont” or “i wont try”. So will YOU try?
Definition of a Christian accoriding to
Christian means a “Christ follower”
So if you don’t truly FOLLOW The Holy Spirit can you call yourself a Christian?
Once again, for “follow”:
“Follow: to imitate or copy; use as an exemplar”

Following God is more than the cute facebook statuses that say I LOVE JESUS! and knowing scripture and believing Jesus died on a cross for you. It’s more than praying to someone you have to wonder is really listening. It’s BELIEVING! It’s giving up everything. It’s hating what He hates. Loving what He loves. Do you even know what He loves? Do you even talk to Him? He wants to talk to you. I promise. Ask Him what His favorite color is. ANYTHING. He just wants you to talk to Him. He wants a REALationship with YOU! And you can’t believe you are too young or too old to fall into complete LOVE with Him. He wants you NOW! He wants you however He can get you. We are just like prodigal sons. Running away from our father who wants to give us EVERYTHING! GREAT is our reward in heaven. He wants you to come back to Him SO much. He loves you. And He put you on this Earth so YOU can experience how MUCH He loves you. So just surrender it all. Give it up. Rest in Him and be made whole. Stop running from someone you can’t outrun. Stop trying to lead yourself. Follow Him and lead others TO Him. I pray for everyone reading that you let God reveal His true love to You, that you become His true follower. I promise He has SOMETHING to tell You so please listen. He loves you so much.

Blessings, Carlee


8 thoughts on “Truly Following

  1. How old are you? Oh yeah…14. I can only imagine who you will be when you’re 54!! Well I’ll only be 94 so we’ll still be friends! HAHA!!! YEARS of following Jesus together ahead! Ain’t that grand?? So hang on to Jesus Carlee no matter what happens in your life – NEVER let go! Trust me He is way better than the alternative!


  2. Carlee Lane, I adore your heart! Wow, let me tell you, I learn so much from watching Jesus in you. Thank you so much for already walking so authentically with Him. You make Him smile multiple times a day. I know that from His throne he is CONSTANTLY saying,” Oh, I’m so glad she’s all mine, she is simply fabulous and perfect to me in every way.” Many blessings as you continue to passionately pursue His heart!


  3. Sweet Carlee!!!
    I’m so thankful that Kendra pointed me to your blog on fb the other day. I’ve been blessed by your sincere, mature words, and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts! You are wise beyond your years!!
    Love you,
    Mindy Clark



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