Ohh Candy, where to begin…. I guess I’ll start by saying HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Here’s just 20 things I love about you. There are so many more.

1. I love your REALation ship with The Holy Spirit. You are so in-tune with one another.
2. I love that you love me.
3. I love that you love others and always put them first.
4. I love that you know the true meaning of what it is like to have JOY.
5. I love that you know the true meaning of what it is like to have PEACE.
6.I love that you know the true meaning of what it is like to LOVE.
7. I love that you go to soaking and take me with you.
8. I love that angels are always near you. I’m pretty sure they fight over who gets to be with Candy each day.
9. I love the relationship that you, Jordan, and I have. And how He has bonded it closer and closer
10. I love that I can talk to you about anything.
11. I love that you always say (or play) :):):) exactly what I need to hear.
12. I love your house and that I can come crash whenever.
13. I love your constant encouragment.
14. I love how much I learn from you.
15. I love that you are one of my best friends and I enjoy being with you more than being with anyone my age.
16. I love that you love sheep.
17. I love that you know what it means to truly follow Jesus.
18. I love how you pray.
19. I love that you expect a miracle.
20. I love… YOU

I would say that you mean the world to me but you mean more to me than just the world. I can’t even try to express just how much you mean to me. And I know God feels the same way. You can’t comprehend His love for you.

I look up to you more than you know. You are so full of wisdom. You get the concept of “life.” You understand how to make it enjoyable but you also understand it’s just a blink of an eye. You understand our God more than anyone I know. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for putting you in my life. I love you tons.


4 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDY!!

  1. Oh Carlee. This is the best birthday present ever! How incredibly precious you are to me. I adore you and I am humbled by your brilliant mind and heart. I thank God for you in my life, too. Thank you so very much.


  2. Well now I’m even more excited for my birthday next week! haha 😉 I’ve just decided while reading this post. and I don’t know why this one made me think of it, but you my dear need to write a book someday. Okay? good.



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