Dallas Birthday Bash!

I turned 14 this past Sunday, the 23rd. and rather than doing a “party” this year, Jordan James, Lenda Jensen, and I set off for Dallas Friday afternoon. I was so fun!! When we got there we ate at the melting pot- a three course fondue restaurant. They had balloons and my own personal fondue chocolate bar sitting on the table when we got there. It was soooo yummy and tons of fun! After that we went to forever 21 in the Grapevine Mall and got lots of cute stuff. That night we checked into our hotel. (we stayed at the Hilton in Southlake) Kim and Joel Quile came to our hotel that evening and stayed well past midnight! We had a great time in fellowship with them! Saturday morning we went shopping at Charming Charlies- which was one of the shops outside our hotel. I got some cute stuff! From there we headed to downtown Dallas to see the Broadway Musical, WICKED. it was amazing!! They did a fantastic job!! We left right after the show was over and with God’s grace, made it back to southlake in 30 minutes when it should have taken an hour! We made it just in time to walk in the doors to Gateway Church and have a seat 1 minute before Kari Jobe starting singing. It was amazing worshiping with her! She has such a beautiful heart to match her beautiful voice! Love her!! After that we went to eat dinner at our precious friends, the Quiles house. It was sad to leave this morning but we had such a great time! I loved every minute of it!!


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