Matthew 5:5

First off, let me start by saying that I love the beattitudes. They are just another part of God’s promises to us described. However, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”, has always puzzled me. Who wants the earth when everyone else is promised heaven? I mean come on! “Well let’s just give earth to the meek because you know THEY won’t complain!!” (: But I don’t think that’s the full reason for the context. I’ve heard several preachers and teachers try to fully disect this verse. Isn’t God awesome? He leaves so many places in the bible where you can’t have all the answers so that you will always have to look to Him for guidance. Anyways, back to Matthew 5:5, i think part of what was being said there was this… It’s tough being “meek” and humble. Humility is not something our world looks to as glamorous. So in a way I believe God has already promised heaven to the meek, they are the ones that deserve it the most. I know few people that are truly “meek” but they do exist. There are those who can look past earthly circumstances into what really matters, and can see who will win in the end. So earth is the only thing the meek have yet to gain. They realize they don’t need it. They realize it doesn’t matter. But in the end God has promised it to them. When all is said and done and the earth is no longer a big war zone between believers and the devil; He has promised it to the meek.
Again, I have NO idea if this is anywhere in the ballpark of what He meant… It’s only how I interpreted it tonight.
God, I pray that you wash me over with humbleness and humility. It’s definently something I have yet to grasp. It’s very difficult to be “meek” in middle school. If you are it’s looked upon as weakness. Help me to know that there is no weakness when we find our strength in You. Nothing is impossible when we seek You first. Love you love you love you!!


2 thoughts on “Matthew 5:5

  1. Remember His passion for you can never allow you to feel like a failure. Alot of times I think we see weakness as failure too but just know His passion will never let you fail or be weak. love you 🙂


  2. Oh, right on, Carlee! You have a viewpoint I don’t think I have ever heard anyone express before, but I agree about much you say about the meek. You say it is not easy being meek in middle school, and I am positive that is right. I just wish it got easier as you age, and in a way it does, and in a way it is always a struggle. Meekness is not timidity, and I KNOW you know that. Meekness, as you so well understand, is just being under God’s control so firmly that you do not need to protect yourself from uncaring or uncomprehending others. We leave the results to Him, just obeying what we understand He wants us to do.

    I am so pleased at the insights God is pouring into you as you seek to live close to Him.




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