All you need is love.

Because this blog is titled I’m going to talk about each one in 3 different posts. Today I’m going to talk about love. I love love!! It’s the best thing you can give and recieve. It’s free and it’s amazing. There are so many ways that I feel loved. I feel love every night when my dad and jolee and I hold hands and say our prayers. Or when I get an email from my Mimi. Or going to starbucks with Jordan and pouring out all my problems to her. I feel it when I’m around Sarah, my youth minister. Or as Candy constantly encourages me. There are so many ways I could go on and on about, but none of it compares to the love God has for me. We can’t love like Him because we aren’t Him. But I strive to, each day I want to love His children deeper. I remember reading a book last year that was supposed to be about future America. It was very strange. One day the boy asked his parents if they loved him, they were taken aback because the word love was hardly in their vocabulary. They said they appreciated him but explained that love was too vague of a term to use. That is SO backwards! If anything love is sometimes to complex, not vague! It’s hard for me to imagine not being loved. It’s a comfort I have taken for granted every day of my life. My heart aches for the kids who haven’t ever been shown love. I believe people can’t fully function without being shown love. From the day I could understand what love was I wanted to pass it along. When i was really small I was one of those kids who prayed that God would “make the devil nice”. I couldn’t understand that someone could hate me and God. I wanted God to give Him a big attitude change. (just like when my mom would tell me I needed one.) I’ll never be able to comprehend how Jesus loved ME enough to die, and I go against His word every day more than once. He knew I was going to mess up, but He loved me enough to die anyways and promise me eternal life in heaven with Him! Oh God, I wish there were words I could use to describe my love and awe for you!! ❤


2 thoughts on “All you need is love.

  1. Haha I thought i was the only one who ever thought if God is big enough and Love enough why can’t He just change Satan and completely destroy him. I still wonder that sometimes.



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