Well here it is. “So what are you giving up for lent?!” will be a popular question this week. Every year I give something small up like soft drinks or sugar or spending money etc… Sure the day of Easter when you drink your first coke that you haven’t had in forever you feel satified, that feeling may even go on to the next day or week… But I want a realationship to be built, I want something more… I just don’t feel that giving up a coke compares to Him giving up His life. So for Lent this year I am going to write a letter each day to God. I may blog some if them, I may not. I’ll put my deepest secrets down on paper (even though He already knows them) I’ll tell Him how much I love Him or how much of Him I don’t understand. I’ll talk to Him about my friends (and non-friends) but most of all I’ll just have a conversation; some that we will laugh together about and some that we will cry together about. I can’t wait! This is going to be fun!! Sooo… What are YOU giving up for Lent?!


4 thoughts on “Lent!


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