Pick a side. Pick Him

What I’m about to talk about is kind of a touchy subject. It shouldn’t be, but it is. There may be some people who don’t want to hear this but I think those are the ones who need to hear it the most…
Tonight at soaking I asked to SEE something. I envisioned Him showing me an angel or a glimpse of Him was what I was going for. But goodness- that’s not at all what He showed me. I heard Him ask me: “are you ready to see, are you sure?” I said YEAH!! but I never would have guessed what He showed me. I kept looking around the room for some sort of movement on the walls or ceiling. When I looked at the chair up against a corner I kept seeing a face or, well it’s kind if hard to explain. It was the devils face in the corner. Really the only descriptive words I can think of are that he looked like someone right out of Harry Potter. People describe Satan as beautiful and handsome but this wasn’t what I saw. He was hideous and dreadfully ugly. He sort of scowled at me and gave me an ugly look. I almost said out loud to “get out!!” but instead I kind of whispered it not wanting to disturb anyone. We sort of halfway had a conversation- well I talked he stood there. I told him this was God’s house NOT his. He wasn’t welcome there nor should he ever be welcome anywhere. As I was “saying” this I heard God say clear as a bell: ” I am the light of the world whoever follows me will never have to dwell in darkness. Right as He said that one of the wall lamps became very bright all by itself (I know I didn’t imagine it, other people looked over at the lamp as well) and the fire in the fireplace shot up in a bright bright glow. Everything was visible. When I looked back at the corner Satan was gone. I didn’t defeat Him, God did. I take no credit. None of this really makes much sense, but then again neither does God sometimes. We can’t comprehend Him because we aren’t Him. So that’s my weird story, it can be viewed as a combination of coincidence and an imagination, but I know it isn’t either of those things. The time is now. The devil is here. But God is too, and He is MUCH stronger. So pick a side, pick Him.


3 thoughts on “Pick a side. Pick Him

  1. That is amazing. Downright incredible. So, I’m trying to figure out why he was there and how he got in that house. That surprises me. But I think maybe God allowed him in so you could see how Big God is and how small satan is. Because that’s really the truth. satan has nothing on GOD. Nothing. I’m glad you blogged it.


    1. Yeah! I wondered the same thing. I was kind of afraid to say anything because of that. But I think the fact that he looked ugly and pained was that he knew he had no power over anyone in that room. And I like your interpretation, I think you are exactly right.



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