100 facts

Here are 100 unorganized random facts about me:

1. I love finding God outside of the box
2. I can almost always tell when someone is lying.
3. I love thunderstorms.
4. I love hanging out with people at least 4 years older than me.
5. I always watch TLC, unless it’s one of those weird shows…
6. I also love watching Cake Designing contests.
7. And interior design contests.
8. I like to read.
9. But only by choice
10. I have to make myself read if a teacher assigns it
11. I love my church.
12. Leather is my favorite smell!
13. I love getting @replys on Twitter.
14. And facebook messages.
15. I love hanging out with women old enough to be my mom.
16. I like most country music even though most my friends don’t.
17. I hate homework… But who doesn’t.
18. I’m good about getting stuff done.
19. But if I have more than one thing to do I will procrastinate.
20. I like carrying bags.
21. But I don’t sometimes because I don’t like keeping up with them.
22. I’m pretty outgoing.
23. I love learning about older peoples lives when they were my age.
24. I sponsor a Haitian child named Eveline.
25. She’s 9 and weighs 27 pounds
26. I love my youth ministers, they’re the best!
27. I like to “people watch”
28. I have my wedding all planned.
29. And my kids names
30. And my house plans.
31. I like just sitting and talking
32. I cry very easily.
33. Even when I’m not sad.
34. I don’t love chocolate.
35. I love little kids.
36. I don’t understand why God made mesquitos.
37. Or wasps.
38. Or flies.
39. Or ants.
40. Actually there are a lot of things I don’t understand.
41. I don’t really want to go to high school.
42. It would be fine with me to stay in middle school.
43. I like to shop when I feel like shopping.
44. I only look forward to Mondays for one reason.
45. Otherwise they can just die for all I care.
46. I love busy weekends.
47. I love wearing scarves.
48. I can’t wait to drive.
49. But I’m super nervous about it.
50. I play the guitar.
51. I attempt to write songs.
52. I don’t like math.
53. I love writing!
54. I always have the essay the teacher reads out loud.
55. Sometimes I wish I didn’t.
56. My face gets red very easily.
57. When I’m embarassed.
58. Or crying.
59. Or mad
60. Or sometimes for no reason at all.
61. I love almost every movie Sandra Bullock is in.
62. Aaron Watson named his kid after my sister.
63. I have a lot of shoes.
64. But I wear the same pairs almost every day.
65. I don’t like fake people.
66. That’s just an insult to God. Be the way he made you.
67. A lot of my best friends are older than me.
68. I saw the Harry Potter movies for the first time over Christmas break.
69. I like to discuss politics.
70. I love wearing a ring.
71. I have two that I altrinate wearing.
72. I can only wear one in the summer because my fingers are bigger in the summer.
73. Yeah. Weird. I know.
74. I like learning new songs.
75. I sing all the time.
76. I worry way too much.
77. I like listening to people I know sing.
78. I wish I had curly hair.
79. But it’s straight as a board.
80. God tells me stuff randomly that I can’t explain.
81. I love looking up at the sky.
82. I like learning random facts.
83. I love Alaska.
84. I would live there if I could.
85. I love New York.
86. Even though I’ve never been there.
87. I’m going there next spring break, and then back again next summer.
88. I had a ridiculously amazing 13th bday suprise party in Dallas.
89. I’ve lived in Abilene all my life.
90. And in the same house.
91. I want to raise a family here.
92. I love my cousins.
93. My grandmother is amazing.
94. I don’t get an allowance.
95. But somehow always have money.
96. I hate flossing.
97. I wish I didn’t care what other people think.
98. I get a headache when I wear sunglasses
99. Or if I drink a hot drink.
100. I hope our generation is the one to change.


4 thoughts on “100 facts

  1. wow. we are alot alot alike. For real.
    yay 🙂 i love this. I started my blog around the same time you are. I just went back and read some of my first blogs and Its crazy how much you change in many ways over the years.. so you can look forward to that. Its weird how the things I blogged about on certain days were such a big deal to me at the time and now I don’t even remeber them even when I read it again.


  2. I love it! I’m so glad you’re doing this. I think Jordan’s right. It’s amazing when you go back and read this stuff how much you change and grow. And yes, you two are quite a lot alike. That must be why I love you both so much! Maybe you’re both like me! HAHA! I love #15. It makes me smile – along with #44. And don’t worry high school is going to be a blast. I remember dropping Max and Jordan and Abby off their first day and they were freaking out. Look at them now. They ruled the school in amazing ways. And I’m praying that your generation will indeed be the one to change. Love you Carlee.



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